JM NEW EXCELLENT 1000A for Bathrooms/Balconies (construction)/Interior

Adhesive products for bathrooms/balconies consisting of functional Felt, PE Sheet, 4 layers of adhesive layer and release paper. They are advanced, semi-permanent composite sheets, which have excellent adhesiveness to tile glue and mortar by integrating functional felt on the PE sheets

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1. Product Overview
  • Tiles can be worked on immediately after installing the NEW Excellent 1000A on walls or background surface.
  • It has excellent adhesiveness to the top constructions on mortar which stabilizes the waterproof performance and assures quality
  • An innovative Eco-friendly composite sheet to secure stable waterproof quality.
2. Product Features
  • Shortens installation time
  • Excellent as they are heat-resistant, durable, durable to wear, impact-resistant, chemical-resistant and salt water-resistant.
  • Can be installed in low temperature

JM NEW EXCELLENT 1000A Tape for Bathrooms/Balconies Series

It is used for functional felt, PE sheets, a construction or corner/sheet connecting part that consists of 3-4 layers of adhesive layer and release paper or , according to its use. It is an eco-friendly, advanced, semi-permanent tape which has superb impact-resistance, durability to wear, impact-resistance, salt water-resistance, action response, water-resistance, and chemical-resistance.

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1. Product types

Waterproof adhesive tape

  • 1000A-T : Waterproof adhesive tape (100 mm)
    - Composition: 4 layers
    - Use: for use on inside of a building and corner connective parts.
  • 1000T: Waterproof adhesive tape (200 mm)
    - Composition: 3 layers
    - Use: for use on inside of a building and corner connective parts.
  • 1000T-T : Waterproof adhesive tape (100 mm)
    - Composition: 3 layers, Double-sided tape.
    - Use: for use for connective part of internal sheet
2. Product feature
  • Self-adhesive type product which more adhesive was not used and simplified the process to shorten air.
  • A semi-permanent, eco-friendly tape which is easy to adhere to the sheet and has excellent installation results.
  • Can be installed in low temperature

1000A/1000A-T Working Drawing

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Water prevention comparison between JM NEW EXCELLENT 1000A and mortar

Items JM e&c Liquid mortar waterproofing
Product durability Semi-permanent product life (at least 10 years)
Stable durability is secured as the adhesive is composed of natural rubber as the main material.
As the mortar hardens, cracks form and water leakage begins. Short durability, up to 3 to 5 years  
Construction cost The unit price of the sheet is somewhat high, but it is a reasonable cost when considering the waterproof labor cost and durability. Simple construction and low cost, but composite waterproofing is used to overcome short durability. 
Responsiveness to behavior
Fast constructability and excellent adhesion and behavior response to contraction and expansion of structures  The constructability is somewhat quick, but there is no response to the behavior of the structure.
Etc Noise reduction by sheet construction
1000A construction after finishing corner tape


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