JM NEW EXCELLENT 2000A Rooftop/Parking boxes(Not exposed)

It consists of functional felt, 3-layer PE sheets, 6 layers of adhesive layers and release paper. It is a sheet that maintains a stable waterproof layer using a new manufacturing method, eco-friendly, advanced, semi-permanent tape.

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1. Product Overview
  • Made of PE synthetic resin and material with excellent adhesiveness
  • Action response, durability, chemical-resistant, water-tight, impact-resistant, and salt water-resistant and has superb installation quality.
2. Product features
  • The felt on top of the PE film is integrated to have excellent adhesiveness with the mortar on the surface.
  • It has superb adhesiveness with various material which gives good installability and easy to glue with sheets to give stability
  • Fusion with adhesive layer and cohesion is excellent.
  • Great action response of the building
  • Can be installed in low temperature over 5℃

JM NEW EXCELLENT 2000A-T Tape Rooftop/Parking boxes(Not exposed)

Consisting of functional Felt, 3-layer PE Sheet, 6 layers of adhesive layer and release paper. It is used for external rooftops of a building and concrete slab corner connective parts. They are low-carbon, eco-friendly, advanced, semi-permanent composite sheets, which have excellent impact resistance, wear durability, saltwater resistance, action response, water resistance, and chemical resistance.

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1. Product Overview

Waterproof adhesive tape

  • Composition: 6 layers (Width: 200 mm)
  • Use: connective parts on external rooftops of a building and concrete slabs
  • Excellent heat and cold resistance
2. Product features
  • Innovative eco-friendly composite tape which gives stable water resistance
  • Excellent fusion of the adhesive layer and cohesion
  • Can be installed in low temperature over 5℃

2000A/2000A-T Working Drawing

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Comparison between JM NEW EXCELLENT 2000A and Competitors’ sheets

Item JM e&c Other products
Felt Integrating felt on top of the product give excellent adhesion with the top mortar They do not have felt lining which causes PE sheet and top mortar slip in between  
Adhesiveness Has great adhesion on the buildings on top of the concrete to secure stable waterproof quality and quality response Has 50% adhesion ability than our product; property changes as time passes including synthetic tar 
of leak
Danger of leak is low as it glues securely in -2-3℃, after installing.  Possible danger of leak on the glued part of the sheet due to characteristics of sheet and adhesive 
The PE sheet and adhesive makes a double waterproof layer to make perfect waterproof quality  The main ingredient of the adhesive is made of synthetic tar and shows oxidization
Low temperature
Can be installed at a low temperature (5℃)  Low temperature installation not possible
Eco-friendly Innovative, eco-friendly waterproof product for stable waterproof quality Can cause pollution to the environment when made with synthetic tar
Action response
Quick installation, excellent action response to the contraction/expansion of the buildings, and adhesion Quick installation but lacks action response  

Comparison of adhesion between JM NEW EXCELLENT 2000A and competitor’s sheet and Test Results

Test standard A Test Date Oct. 24. 2019
Test standard 90°peeling method, 100mm/min Test location
Test temperature 23℃ Manufacturer JMe&c
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JM NEW EXCELLENT 1000A/ 2000A Patent Registration

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