JM ELITE Multi-layer sheet Waterproof sheet for tunnels

Eco-friendly product lowering carbon exhaustion up to 20% than existing products by compounding each layer with products manufactured by olefin polyethylene resin obtained from metallocene catalyst. Elite waterproof sheets for tunnels which is thin and light, easy installation

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Elite Multi-layer Sheet Thickness DOWN, performance UP!
Eco-friendly novel technology with cost-effective resource conservation and maximized performance.”

1. 3-layer structure(Superb Physical performance)

Tensity rate (Over 22%), Tensile strength, Elongation rate(700%) and enhanced heat-resistance

2.Excellent Welding

Joined together by heat fusion with an automatic welding device Excellent strength / Easy to check complete fusion by running an air test

3. Easy installation

Even when the thickness is reduced 20-30%, has excellent multi-layer structured material quality

4.Low-carbon Eco-friendly

Eco-friendly product made with low-carbon exhaustion process that conforms to Green Growth

JM ELITE EVA Sheet One-piece type/Divided type

Product manufactured with resin containing EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) and Vinyl acetate (VA) Has great tensity and flexibility and can be used together with other resins

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Durability and mechanical strength is good made with heat-resistant plastic; resistance to pressure from concrete casting; Physical property does not change much even in long-term installation

2. Chemical resistance

Is stable against acid from concrete and earth , alkali, and other chemical substance; prevents decomposition, water and moisture against sea water or underground water

3. Waterproof quality

Can be used between -30℃~±120℃ , is not very affected by weather change.Has elongation rate of 600 which adapts well to contraction, expansion and cracks

4. Installation

Has excellent adhesion strength by using heat fusion by welding device. Can check complete fusion by using an air-testing device

JM ELITE Multi-sheets/ EVA Sheet, One-piece type Installation method

1. Set workbench
2. Attach sheets (Ceiling)
3. Attach sheets (Walls)
4. Fusion adhesion between the sheets
5. Air test on joined parts
6. Complete waterproofing installation

JM ELITE Multi-layer sheet EVA sheet installation overview plot

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Major Customers for JM ELITE Multi-layer sheets

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