JM ELITE ELITE Multi-layer Composite sheet Underpass roadway

Is a polymer synthetic resin multi-layer; manufactured in one piece using a new manufacturing method; Sheets maintain stable waterproof layers by integrating a superb adhesive on top of a concrete construction. Low-carbon, eco-friendly, advanced and semi-permanent composite sheet

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1. Product overview
  • Made of good adhesion material with polymer synthetic resin in multi-layer structure
  • Excellent action response, durability, chemical resistance, water tightness, saltwater resistance, and good installation
2. Product features
  • Excellent adhesion to various materials
  • Stable water prevention from good cold resistance and elastic restoration
  • Excellent action response to constructions
  • Can be installed at a low temperature

JM ELITE Multi-layer Composite sheet Installation method (Non-exposed)

1. Applying Lower primer
2. Installing lower waterproof sheet
3. Installing lower protective mortar
4. Applying Wall primer
5. Installing wall waterproof sheets
6. Installing wall protective material (Foam agent)
7. Applying Upper primer
8. Installing upper waterproof sheet
9. Installing upper protective mortar

JM ELITE Multi-layer Composite Sheet Installation Flow Chart

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