JM NEW EXCELLENT 2000T Roadside Noise Barrier/ Soundproof, waterproof tape

Consists of 4 layers of PE sheets, 6 layers of adhesion and release paper; Manufactured integrated using a new manufacturing method; Soundproof, waterproof tape used for external noise barrier; Eco-friendly, advanced, semi-permanent

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1.Product Overview
  • Excellent adhesion on the lower structure to secure waterproof quality stability and quality response
  • Excellent action response, durability, chemical-resistance, heat/cold-resistance, impact resistance, and good installation
  • For tape installation, corners and connecting parts.
2.Product Features
  • Soundproof/waterproof tape, Roadside noise barrier tape
  • Width: Over 1T – less than 1.5T
  • Can be installed in low temperature lower than 5 ℃
  • Excellent waterproof and soundproof functions

2000T 2000T Installation cross-sectional diagram and Use

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